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Happy feet: Easingwold Drama Group's cast in the mood for Stepping Out. In the centre are Maggie Spink and Steve Blower.

photo: Easingwold Advertiser

Stepping Out


John Roberts

April 1998

Richard Harris's Stepping Out is a warm, yet poignant, play that traces the lives, laughs and loves of the weekly tap-dancing class led by former professional  dancer, Mavis Turner. Gathered in the dingy village hall with teacher Mavis (De Madgwick) are stalwart piano player Glenda Fraser (Maggie Spink); cheerfully large and loud Sylvia (Sue Taylor); Andy (Karen Dawson), a go-gooder with no confidence; snobby but well-meaning Vera (Bromwyn Jennison); timid Dorothy (Olive Willis); sharp and shrewd Maxine (Cassandra Bullock); willing Rose (Barbara Topping); plain Lynne (Amy Popplewell); and ... er ... Geoffrey (Steve Blower). The only man, he is very shy and very brave to attend.

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