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April 1999

Habeas Corpus

Alan Bennett


Geoffrey Crass

Music Linda Davison

Producer  Maggie Spink

Assistant  Joan Bottomley

Stage Manager Neil Gray



Dr Arthur Wicksteed  -  David Pike

Muriel Wicksteed - Barbara Crass

Dennis Wicksteed  -  Simon Stephens

Constance Wicksteed  -  Robin Walton

Mrs Swabb  -  Delia Madgwick

Canon Throbbing  -  Richard Wood

Sir Percy Shorter  -  John Roberts

Lady Rumpers  - Bromwyn Jennison

Felicity Rumpers  -  Cassandra Bullock

Mr Shanks  -  David Goodwin

Mr Purdue  -  Ian Hall

Fond memories for David

I remember being cast as the breast implant salesman in this riotous comedy and my client was the statuesque Barbara Crass, her husband Geoffrey was in the directors chair and he told me "Dear boy, there is no mucking about here, grab them, weigh them and work them!" I said I couldn't possibly do that, he said it's a must! Barbara just looked worried, although, it maybe me, but I swear I detected a wicked gleam in her eyes! Rehearsals began and we all settled down to the fun of the piece, but whenever I had to "work" with these specific "props" I was a little nervous! (Although my wife maintains that each rehearsal was the equivalent of yet another birthday!). Just one specific rehearsal comes back to me. We had reached the end of the evening, and Barbara, beckoned me for a quiet word. "Darling" she said, "All is fine, but when you come to handle these props" (she gestured down) "could you be a bit more gentle?" 

The fun of working with Barbara and Geoffrey Crass is a memory that never fades. 

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