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David Pike

April 2008

The Story

In choosing to direct Trap for a Lonely Man David Pike was looking for a thriller. Her certainly found one!

The lonely man is Daniel Corban. He involves the police because his wife has disappeared. The first person to arrive at his chalet in the mountains is, however, the Priest. He has arrived to reassure Daniel that his wife is well, that she regrets leaving him and will soon return.

To Daniel’s amazement the woman who appears and who claims to be his wife is someone he has never met.  The Woman persists and she is supported by other people, who say they knew Daniel and the Woman well when they lived happily together in their chalet home.

Daniel thinks he must be losing his mind - unless there is a conspiracy against him.

When the Inspector fails to believe him he becomes more certain that people are trying to drive him mad. There is a considerable inheritance to complicate the story.

Suffice to say that the mystery and the stress on Daniel are sustained to the end of the play.

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