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Happy Families

by John Godber

November 2019

Directed by: David Goodwin

Full of warmth, understanding and humour, this is an affectionate and appealing portrait of an ordinary family struggling with change, bereavement and the generation gap.
On his graduation day, John looks back over his teenage years between 1967 and 1973. He recalls all the embarrassments, tensions, joys and sorrows of his family's life in West Yorkshire. Older and better educated, he finds himself alienated from his working class family who cannot understand his growing intellect and theatrical aspirations


John: John Hawker

Vic: Mick Scott

Dot: Linda Smith

Liz: Bromwyn Jennison

Jack: Ian Bullock

Rebecca: Tasha Van Zijl

Edna: June Robinson

Doris: Kate Webster

Lyn Sutton: Pam Broadbent


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