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November 1999


by Leslie Sands

Director:  Jim Grey

Jonathan Lewis as Bob Marriott, a newspaper reporter
Richard Wood as Inspector Frost
Inspector Frost retires in a month. He returns to Waverton Manor where, eighteen years before, he failed to solve a kidnap and possible murder.
With a new piece of evidence he re-opens the case which almost ruined him.
This time he finds that the villagers are no longer interested in re-living the past. It becomes increasingly apparent that he is facing a conspiracy of silence and hostility.
But the burden of truth is finally resolved in a series of startling revelations, much to the Inspector's horror and the surprise of the audience.
Peggy Fletcher    Sue Taylor
Sam Fletcher       David Pike
Miss Merton         Maggie Spink
Sarah Fulton        Cassandra Bullock
Pamela Fulton      Bromwyn Jennison
Inspector Frost     Richard Wood
Bob Marriott         Jonathan Lewis
Sir Charles Cresswell  Geoffrey Crass
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