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April 2005

A Doll's House

by Henrik Ibsen


Richard Wood

From Stage Whispers April 2005

You will wonder why the publicity material acknowledges CB Furnishings. This is Pat Wilkes’ story.

In search of modern furniture for the set she led us into shops full of glamorous sofas, beds, sideboards, drinks cabinets, curtains and cushions.

Mad escapades … until we told our story to Vic Ison on CBF’s Northallerton warehouse full of the above items. His face was glum; his head had a definite shake about it. Time to inch towards the door.

Then Pat played her last card. ‘Well,’ she announced. ‘I’ve lived here ten years and I’ve never heard of this place.’

Reverse psychology! It worked.

And you will see fabulous furniture on our set.   

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