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Ring Round the Moon

by Jean Anouilh

adapted by Christopher Fry

April 2016

Directed by: Jonathan Lewis

A fairy-tale for grown-ups, ‘Ring Round the Moon’ is the story of ‘Cinderella’ in the style of Noel Coward.

It is 1950. In a large mansion somewhere in Burgundy, the formidable Madame Desmortes is throwing a grand ball for the cream of French aristocracy. Her scheming nephew, Hugo, has invited Isabelle, a poor ballet dancer, to the dance. His plan: to pass Isabelle off as a lady who will win the heart of his twin brother Frederic, currently engaged to the frosty heiress Diana Messerschmann. But on the stroke of midnight, magical things begin to occur…


Set in the mansion’s winter garden, ‘Ring Around the Moon’ is a sparkling comedy about romance, magic and the true value of money. Throughout, couples from the party spill out into the garden, fight, scheme, fall in and out of love under the twinkling lights, then dance back into the hall again. With a singing statue, the ghost of a little girl and butler who ages backwards, this is a story that’s not to be missed!


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