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How Easingwold Players Began (continued)

Barbara Topping


We stored our stage in the old garage, which is now the Youth Centre and we had to carry it across for each production. We also rigged up lighting for our productions with the help of Neil Grey and John Roberts. 

An Insubstantial Pageant followed directed by John. I actually had a part in that. Then came the Leisure Hall. We asked the Galtres if we could purchase a portable stage to use in the hall. They agreed so we started fund raising like mad: cake stalls jumble sales, all day play readings, you name it. I cannot remember how much we raised but it was in the hundreds. When it came to it, the Galtres said they would prefer to own the stage themselves so they bought it. They gave us back our fund which we used to purchase proper full size flats,  proscenium arch and lighting.

I found a firm that made stage curtains and these were bought. Neil Grey was invaluable. He made and fixed metal fixtures for the ceiling to take the lighting. He also built a track for the curtains along the proscenium arch.

Frank Burgh  loaned, free of charge, his scaffolding to put up and take down the lighting. He was also there to do the work for every production. When the hall was in the offing I was not sure if the stage would be ready for my next play, so I chose one that could be produced in either place. This was The Farndale Murder Mystery, which was, in fact, the first in the new hall.