HISCOX        Employers’ Liability Tracing Office (ELTO)

Hiscox is a member of ELTO and must collect certain information about the entities insured for UK Employers’ liability insurance

under your policy

Information we hold for your policy

Policy number:                                    STM4/0083
Insured:                                                Anthony Deery t/a Easingwold Players
We hold the following information for your policy. Please check it and notify us (or your insurance intermediary if you have one) if anything is incorrect.

  Employer/registered                            Employer/registered                 Postcode              HMRC Employer                  ERN not applicable

  company name                                                                                                                       reference number               reason

 Anthony Deery t/a                                6 Mill Mount Crayke Road        YO61                                                                   All employees below

 Easingwold Players                              Easingwold  York                      3PW                                                                    PAYE threshold

Please refer to your policy schedule for details of our obligations, your rights and how your information may be used.


Mandatory information - what is required?

Below is a summary of the information we must collect from you to help you provide the correct information.

For the main policyholder and each additional employer or subsidiary company in the UK insured under the policy, the following

is required:

                            1. Employer name
                            2. Full address of employer including postcode
                            3. HMRC Employer Reference Number (ERN)

Entities which do not have an HMRC ERN

If any entity insured does not have an ERN, a reason must be supplied to us from the following:

                            - All employees below PAYE threshold
                             - Business registered outside England, Scotland, Wales or NI
                             - The business does not have any employees


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