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A Letter from Richard and Jonathan Jennison

Hello all


I hope you are keeping well given the current circumstances. It has certainly made life a little more challenging over the previous 12 months especially given the situation Mum, Jonathan and myself found ourselves in through the middle part of last year when mum fell ill and for Jonathan and myself from early July when we sadly lost mum after her short illness.

There is no requirement from me to tell you what a fabulous lady and mother our mum was. The numbers that turned out in the Market Place on the day of her funeral confirmed exactly what we all knew. Mum was so highly thought of in so many circles and touched the hearts and lives of many.

This, along with the extremely generous donations made to St Monica's Hospital in mums memory (£2000+) gave us comfort knowing mum was so special to such a number of people. We have been in touch with the Friends of St Monica's team to put forward some ideas of how we would like some of the money raised to be utilised based on personal experience.


One idea we suggested which they have agreed to look at once we are through the pandemic is to be able to give patients some additional personal beauty treatments. For example Jonathan's wife Sarah visited mum the week before she passed away and did her nails for her which gave her a huge boost of the feelgood factor which when faced with such an horrendous situation was a little bit of light relief for all of us.


Mum remained funny, cheeky and loving right until the end and showed a bravery that was both incredible and inspirational to us all.


We miss her terribly as I am sure you all do too, it still does not feel real and leaves us scratching our heads as to how could this happen to the nicest, kindest, gentlest and most beautiful person we have ever met.


However we do have to move on and mum will always be there alongside us and this leads me to the fabulous gift that arrived on my doorstep last week (thank you to the lady who dropped it off and apologies I did not get the opportunity to have a chat with you about mum). It is such a touching gift and something that we will hold and cherish forever in time. An emotional read but a fantastic collection of memories and we thank you all so so much for the thought and kindness that went into producing this.


For those who are not aware mum's ashes have been laid to rest in Alne churchyard and if you would like to visit her to pay your respects mum lays approx 20m into the churchyard from the entrance on the right hand side. We currently have a wooden tribute in place which will be replaced with a headstone later this year.


We do still have plans to hold a celebration of life service this year but we wont put things into place for this until we know we can have sufficient numbers allowed to attend that will enable attendance of everyone that wants to be there.


I would just like to finish by again giving our thanks for the wonderful gift and saying the Players will forever be close to us.


Thank you


Richard and Jonathan


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