John Roberts

There are folk one meets in life who become quietly important to you. Bromwyn was, for me, one of those. We met through drama and as an actress she was calm, talented and had great presence. When Bromwyn came on stage she enhanced the pace and vibrancy of any scene in which she played. Not only in a leading role but when taking on smaller supporting ones.

When I was in any scene with her, as a co-actor, she had this aura and knack of making me feel relaxed and that all would be well, and any hitches would be seamlessly overcome. I particularly loved working with her in Hobson’s Choice.

I was privileged to have directed plays in which she took roles. She was a dream to direct. Leading the cast from the start, she was invariably the first to be without her script during rehearsals. She had a natural talent and skill, knowing instinctively, once we had determined her character, how to pitch her lines. On the few occasions I might need to ask her to change a move or the delivery of a line, she would smile and say “Yes, of course Darling, if you say so”. If she didn’t agree she would quietly discuss it with me later. Her professional approach to rehearsals and performances were, I know, a great catalyst and example for the other cast members. She was able to take on comedy roles as in the ‘Farndale’ plays as well as serious roles as in ‘Brassed Off’ and ‘Cemetery Club’.

Bromwyn was a true team player. Her presence, elegant and serene, during rehearsals, helped set the tone. If she wasn’t a member of the cast she would always be there to assist in some way throughout the rehearsal and performance of a show, whatever it be. True she wouldn’t do singing but she did ‘dancing’ as in “Stepping out” and she would brave any make-up challenges with a sweet smile.

On a personal level I loved our little chats. She was always a lovely companion and confidant over the years, during happy and less happy times. I valued her as a dear friend as well as admiring her insight, knowledge and expertise of the drama. I would always run ideas by her during the planning and rehearsal of a show. She was a delightful sounding board and so honest with her advice.

Easingwold Players and the local Amateur Dramatic scene will greatly miss her presence as will so many of us on a personal level. I am so sad she has gone but so pleased I was privileged to know her.

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