Ian Hall

Bromwyn and I share something…we are Leodensians, no its not an illness, just the fact we both came from Leeds, many a time Brom and I would reminisce about parts of Leeds we new, and it was lucky that when we moved to Easingwold, Brom and John were living in Huby, this led to a life time of meeting each other and getting up to date re our families.


So, by chance, we both became members of the Easingwold Players, and in different capacities, we had great fun, nothing more so than forming a group that visited local theatres for matinee performances calling ourselves the ‘matinee idlers’, a play on words that was also construed to mean ‘the matinee idolers’.


Brom was always positive when you met her, I can hear her know saying “Hello Mr.Aitch”, and we should chat away.


Brom also used phrases connected with Leeds, always it was “ we have had us dinners”, and for something exciting ‘hecky thump’!


That was Brom, lovely person, you always felt cheerful after meeting her, I and many more will miss her positiveness she brought to life.


RIP, Brom

Frances Padmore

I was very unhappy to hear that Bromwyn had died.

Not only was she greatly gifted, she was also a generous, and kind person.

I was only a  minor player, but she treated me as if I was really one of the gang.

I would like to send my thoughts, and condolences to her family.

We will not see her likes again.

Patricia Parry (aka Chicken, as Bromwyn called me) 

While walking through the woods and meadows of Millfield thinking of our dear Bromwyn, a beautiful butterfly fluttered across my path and  settled nearby. It delighted me with its colours, its  grace, as it flitted among the flowers and grasses and then soared effortlessly into the sky.

I found myself smiling, my sadness lifting. Bromwyn was like the butterfly. Her zest for life, her colourful presence, her easy grace, her ability to make us smile and laugh, within seconds of our meeting, her ability to suspend our everyday reality and transport us in delight to ‘elsewhere’ by her wonderful acting talent.

If I believed in reincarnation I would have sworn Bromwyn had something to do with the butterfly!

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