Remembering Brom  

some tributes

Phil Grainger

A wonderful wonderful wonderful woman. The grace and glamour of a 1950s filmstar, with the mischievous streak of a schoolgirl, and longest list of pet names known to humankind.

In 2010 Dave Jarman and a bunch of our friends made a show called Our Night Out.  Brom was in it, playing a silly version of herself.

In 2020 Alex Wright and I made a show called  The Gods the Gods the Gods. We asked Bromwyn to lend her voice for a section of the show and, lucky for us, she said yes to that too, and by way of a voiceover came with us to Australia in January this year.


David Goodwin

My darling friend who has passed away, a true original and the best friend this man ever had. The laughs, the plays, the tours! Planet earth is a sadder place without her. We shall miss her more than words can tell.

Walter and Susan Rinaldi-Butcher

Years ago we were nearing the end of a Saturday evening performance when news came that Bromwyn’s father had died.  Being the absolute professional she was, she carried on and finished the performance.

She was a wonderful actress but the first to admit she could not sing in tune.  She shared this handicap with Walter and we always joked that if the Players were stuck for a play, we could do Les Mis with Bromwyn and Walter performing Master of the House.  It would bring the house down! Sadly audiences will miss that now.