a double bill in August 2019
Say Something Happened
Mike Martin
The proposed summer 2019 studio slot in the Galtres Lounge will be directed by Mike  Martin.
Purvis by Nick Warburton
Rachel, the Vicar's wife, chats to recently widowed Mr Purvis and is cornered into offering him the post of the church's Health and Safety Officer. 
Purvis is keen but causes more problems than he solves.
Funny, touching and wry - comedy writing at its very best
Say Something Happened by Alan Bennett
Eager but green June is despatched by the Council to register elderly people in the area.
Mam and Dad are elderly and therefore must be in need of registering - but the able-bodied couple have no intention of being registered.
Alan Bennett on top form.
14th May Kurt's Bar, Galtres Centre - reading for these plays. All welcome.